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Characteristics Of Nitride

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Nitride. Nitride is a type of nitrogen compound, in which nitrogen has a -3 valence, including metal nitrides, non-metal nitrides and ammonia (NH3, nitrogen negative trivalent). It is customary to regard ammonia as a special substance. Included in the nitride.
Metal nitrides have high thermal stability and can be used as high-temperature insulating materials. The thermal stability of non-metallic nitrides is also relatively high, each with special properties. Hexagonal boron nitride is an excellent lubricant; while cubic boron nitride has high hardness and can be used to make turning tools and drill bits.
Nitrogen is one of the elements with the highest electronegativity, and only oxygen, fluorine and chlorine are higher than it. This means that nitrides consist of a large group of compounds. They have a wide range of properties and applications.

Refracting material
Lubricant, such as hexagonal boron nitride-BN
Cutting materials, such as silicon nitride-Si3N4
Insulators, such as boron nitride-BN, silicon nitride-Si3N4
Semiconductors, such as gallium nitride-GaN
Metal coating, such as titanium nitride-TiN
Hydrogen storage materials, such as lithium nitride-Li3N
Nitrides can be divided into ion nitrides, covalent nitrides, interstitial nitrides and mixed types between them.
Agriculture related
Raiden Fertilizer
When lightning is released, nitrogen and oxygen generate nitric oxide under the condition of receiving electricity, and then nitric oxide can be further oxidized by oxygen to produce nitrogen dioxide, and then nitrogen dioxide produces nitric acid and nitric oxide when it encounters water. Nitric acid is easy to form sodium salt, potassium salt, phosphate with sodium, potassium, phosphorus and other compounds, which can be used as fertilizer. The specific equation is as follows:
N2+O2→NO (electric shock)

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