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How to choose the right roller crusher bearings

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Bearings is a very important part of the roller crusher, so you need to be very careful when choosing it. If the roller crusher bearings is not well selected, it will accelerate the wear of the equipment to a large extent, thereby speeding up the replacement cycle of the bearings and increasing the failure rate and production cost of the equipment. So how to choose the bearing of the roller crusher?
1. Bearings size
When selecting the roller crusher bearings, first determine the size of the bearings, and select the rolling bearing according to the size of the shaft. The larger shaft generally uses the roller bearing, and the smaller shaft selects the ball bearings.
2. The magnitude and direction of the load on the bearing
Direction of bearing load
When the bearing is subjected to radial load in the roller crusher, deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings or needle bearings can be selected; when the bearing is subjected to a small pure axial load, thrust balls can be selected Bearings; when subjected to large pure axial loads, thrust roller bearings should be selected; when the bearings are subjected to combined radial and axial loads in the roller crusher, angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings are mostly used .
The size of the bearing load
When choosing a roller crusher, you can first know the load on the bearing. If the load is relatively large, use a roller bearing. When the bearing load is small or medium load, it is made of carburized steel or Belleville. Body-hardened bearings.
Third, the self-aligning performance of the bearing
When the centerline of the shaft and the centerline of the shaft base of the roller crusher are different, and there is an angular error, or the distance between the two supports of the shaft is large and the rigidity of the shaft is small, it is easy to bend or tilt due to force. Optional self-aligning ball or spherical roller bearings with good self-aligning performance, as well as outer ball bearings. This type of bearing can maintain normal operation when the shaft is slightly inclined or bent.
Fourth, the speed of the bearing
The bearing in the roller crusher has its own range of speed, and the bearing itself also has its own limit speed, which is related to the characteristics of the size and structure. If the bearing exceeds its own speed, the temperature of the bearing will rise, the lubricant will dry up, and in severe cases, the bearing will seize.

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