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New tungsten disulfide films for supercapacitors

wallpapers Products 2021-07-16
New tungsten disulfide films for supercapacitors
Tungsten disulfide (WS2) is a kind of brown or black crystalline powder. In addition to good lubrication performance, it also has excellent load storage performance. As one of the representatives of transition metal sulfides (TDMCs), WS2 has been widely concerned and studied due to its excellent atomic thin layer structure with excellent electrical, optical, plasma, electrochemical and electrocatalytic properties.
When WS2 powder is used as the electrode material, its performance in all aspects is not very ideal. Therefore, the following will provide you with a new type of tungsten disulfide film electrode material with high specific mass capacity and area capacity, excellent electrochemical performance, good economic and practical, which is suitable for application in supercapacitors.
The invention relates to a preparation method of graphene/tungsten disulfide film flexible supercapacitor, the specific steps are as follows:
(1) WS2 was added to the organic solvent, stirred and evenly mixed, and prepared into a mixed solution with a mass concentration of 0.1-10mg/mL. After ultrasonic dispersion, a uniform dispersion was formed;
(2) The dispersion solution prepared in step (1) is separated by centrifugation, and the bottom precipitation is removed to obtain tungsten disulfide/organic solvent supernatant;
(3) Go aqueous solution with a mass concentration of 0.1-100mg/mL was prepared, mixed with the supernatant prepared in step (2). After ultrasonic dispersion, it was pumped and filtered to obtain GO/WS2 composite film;
(4) Add the composite film prepared in step (3) to the reducing agent, react at 60-90℃ for 3-8h, then wash with saturated sodium bicarbonate solution and deionized water successively, and then fix it with glass plate clamps, then vacuum dry, and then get the required supercapacitor.
In general, the products obtained by the composite technology of WS2 and graphene have advantages of excellent electrochemical performance, high flexibility and good cycling stability, etc., which are suitable for application in more places. Meanwhile, problems such as cumbersome processes and poor comprehensive performance of traditional preparation technology can be effectively solved.

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