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The influence of environmental compatibility on lubrication

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Generally, the effect of lubricating grease on rubber is often not valued by the bearing manufacturing industry. This is mainly due to the material composition of the commonly used bearing rubber seal ring, which does not damage the lubricating grease and affect the performance of the bearing. However, the possibility of chemical reaction between them should be fully considered when designing and selecting lubricating grease and sealing ring rubber components.

In addition, due to the presence of moisture in the air, there is the possibility of corrosion to steel bearing parts. Preventing corrosion is the basic requirement of lubricating grease. The current lubricating grease can technically guarantee the anti-corrosion requirements of the use environment.

The weakness of anti-corrosion is to resist the attack of chemical substances. This is due to the inaccurate understanding of the chemical composition of the lubricating part when selecting lubricating grease, which results in certain chemical components in the lubricating grease and contact The chemical substances reacted to reduce the corrosion resistance or even fail. However, after understanding the chemical composition of the lubricating part, it is possible to design and select a lubricant that resists chemical corrosion according to the principle of chemical corrosion.

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