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What are the Types of Aerogel Products?

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Aerogel is a new type of material with a nanoporous structure. It was invented by American scientist Kistler.S. in 1931. It is also called "blue smoke" because of its lightness as the mist and bluish colour—the lightest solid. Since the invention of aerogel, it has set several Guinness records. It has shown many peculiar properties in the fields of heat, optics, electricity, mechanics, acoustics, etc. It is called a magical material that changes the world and has excellent potential for development. And new materials with broad development prospects.
Many people currently know about aerogels, but more people don't understand the products and applications of aerogels. Today, Jiahong Thermal Protection will give you a popular science on the products and applications of aerogels. The product form of aerogel is mainly thermal insulation aerogel felt, board, cloth, paper, particles, powder and special-shaped parts. Aerogel felt board, fabric, writing, and special-shaped components are all products obtained by a composite of aerogel and fibre of corresponding product form. The necessary technical process is similar, but the product application is quite different.
Aerogel felt it is currently the largest and most widely used aerogel product. It is commonly used in aerospace and military industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgical building materials, rail transit, high-speed rail cars, nuclear power ships, power batteries, pipeline tanks, refrigerators, etc. Thermal insulation applications.
Aerogel coatings: Coatings are an essential type of product in traditional thermal insulation materials, which play an irreplaceable role in many fields. Compared with conventional coatings, aerogel coatings have lower thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation. Thermal effect.
Aerogel cloth, paper and special-shaped parts are mainly used in some special needs fields. For example, aerogel cloth is primarily in the field of clothing, shoes and hats, aerogel paper (thin felt) is mainly used for thermal batteries and some areas where the space is minimal, or the pipe diameter is minimal, or the winding construction is desired. The aerogel shaped parts are Military applications.
Aerogel board: In fact, the main difference between felt and board is the difference in hardness. The felt is flexible and can be curled, and the board has a certain degree of rigidity and is not easy to bend. The main application of the board is the thermal insulation of large equipment and the thermal insulation of the future energy-saving interior and exterior walls of buildings.

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