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What is the Role of Boron Powder

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Boron powder is also called monomer boron. Boron has higher mass calorific value and volumetric calorific value. It is a light brown to gray-black powder with relatively active chemical properties, but it is relatively stable at room temperature and will be oxidized when the temperature reaches 300 degrees Celsius. , The ignition degree is high, it needs 700 degrees Celsius to be ignited. Boron powder can react with oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur, and can also directly combine with some metals to form some borides. Boron powder is also a very important material in the chemical industry. What is the role of boron powder?
Boron powder is often used in metal smelting, electronic product manufacturing, ceramic manufacturing, chemical industry and nuclear industry, etc. The specific functions of boron nitride are as follows:
1. Boron powder can be used to make various boron-containing compounds, used as raw materials for the production of boron fibers, and important raw materials for the production of high-purity boron halide;
2. Boron is added in the form of a compound as a gas scavenger for the smelting of special alloy steel or molten steel;
3. High-energy fuel for spacecraft used in rockets,
4. As the ignition pole of the ignition tube in the electronics industry;
5. Replace precious or scarce metals;
6. It is used as a protective material for the atomic energy industry, and the control rod in the atomic reactor.

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