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With the Same Characteristics in the Military Industry, the Application of Aerogel Felt

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1. The outer materials of aircraft, ships (boats), tanks, missiles, etc. (anti-radiation, absorption of infrared and diffuse reflection waves, avoid detection to achieve stealth function; shield its electronic signals to make anti-reconnaissance.), internal parts (anti-reconnaissance) Electrostatic treatment, heat insulation system), external equipment (explosion-proof treatment of control cabin glass, track, tire, etc.)

2. Aerogel felt composite perlite thermal insulation houses, bulletproof aircraft nests, composite fiber thermal insulation tents.

3. Explosion-proof: Using the characteristics of aerogel, we can apply aerogel to tanks, armors, aircraft, storage, power facilities, and other environments that require explosion-proof. In recent years, foreign troops have gradually applied aerogel to heavy locomotives such as tanks and armored vehicles. Aerogel composite body armor, anti-infrared clothing fabric (invisible clothing), etc.

4. Purification: The adsorption effect of aerogel can be embodied in absorption, rejection, and redemption.

Taking gas masks as an example, combining aerogel and anti-poisonous carbon, using the nano-mesoporous structure of aerogel to significantly improve the adsorption effect of the combined anti-poison carbon and the stable chemical properties of aerogel make it very useful as a catalyst carrier. It has advantages. Catalysts of various features can be used, and gas masks for multiple purposes can be made according to requirements.

Fourth, the sound reduction and noise reduction aerogel are filled with open nanopores that are open at both ends and communicate with the surface. It is an ideal acoustic resistance coupling material and transparent material for ultrasonic detectors. If applied to the military industry, it can achieve sound insulation and noise reduction of aircraft, ships (boats), tanks, etc., especially submarines; sound insulation and noise reduction of military facilities such as mobile and fixed command posts; it can also manufacture invisible coatings, Used for stealth fighters, aircraft, etc.

5. Other: Aerogel felt can also be used in the manufacture of supercomputers, satellite detection systems, electronic control systems, and other parts; to extend the service life of lead-acid batteries (used in aircraft, ships (boats), tanks, etc.).

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