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Aluminum Magnesium Boride BAM is Acknowledged as the Slipperiest Material

wallpapers News 2021-07-30
Aluminum Magnesium Boride BAM is Acknowledged as the Slipperiest Material 
A brief introduction of BAM material
Aluminum-Magnesium Boridepowders are commercially produced by heating a nearly stoichiometric mixture of elemental boron (low grade because it contains magnesium) and aluminum for a few hours at a temperature in the range of 900 °C to 1500 °C. Spurious phases are then dissolved in hot hydrochloric acid. To ease the reaction and make the product more homogeneous, the starting mixture can be processed in a high-energy ball mill. All pretreatments are carried out in a dry, inert atmosphere to avoid oxidation of the metal powders.
BAM files can be coated on silicon or metals by pulsed laser deposition, using AlMgB14 powder as a target, whereas bulk samples are obtained by sintering the powder.
BAM usually contains small amounts of impurity elements (e.g., oxygen and iron) that enter the material during preparation. It is thought that the presence of iron (most often introduced as wear debris from mill vials and media) serves as a sintering aid. BAM can be alloyed with silicon, phosphorus, carbon, titanium diboride (TiB2), aluminum nitride (AlN), titanium carbide (TiC), or boron nitride (BN).
BAM is considered as world's best lubricant.
Although BAM exhibits no appearance about this property, its special composition gave it an even more desirable edge. The material exhibited superb hardness and incredibly low coefficients of friction.
According to scientists, its hardness was discovered by accident. They had a terrible time cutting it or polishing it.
Fortunately, the occasional discovery contributed to developing a $3-million to further progress the new material into a useful substance that could help significantly enhance energy efficiency and material resiliency.
The material has a coefficient of friction of less than half that of the previous record-holding material: Teflon. Teflon has a coefficient of friction of 0.05, while BAM maintains an incredible 0.02. For general reference, steel has a frictional coefficient of 0.16.

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