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Difference between ball and spherical roller bearings

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The difference between ball and spherical roller bearing is that a roller bearing is a cylindrical unit used to provide low friction motion for bushings or bearing seats. A ball bearing is a spherical element that accomplishes the same purpose as a roller bearing. The real difference lies in the contact surface between the bearing and guide rail.
For ball bearings (assuming a perfect spherical bearing and no deformation), the contact surface is just a point. Even allowing for deformation, there is a limit to the number of surfaces where the ball touches the rail. This creates an inherent strength limit for the ball.
Roller bearings, on the other hand, have complete contact lines.
This greatly improves the stiffness, stability and maximum load capacity of the system.
Unlike ball bearings, roller bearings are not designed to handle thrust loads. The main difference is the type of contact. For ball bearings, the contact type is a point, while for roller bearings it is a line. The difference between roller bearings and ball bearings lies in the type of rolling elements
Ball bearing
At small weights, this extremely common bearing is able to handle thrust and radial loads, making it a popular bearing for engineers. Ball bearings in motion, its main job is to transfer the load from the outer raceway to the inner raceway. This allows for a smooth rotation. Ball bearings are commonly used in small wheels and hard disk drives, among other everyday applications, but tend to deform under too much pressure.
Roller bearing
Different from ball bearings, spherical roller bearings are designed with heavy loads in mind. These bearings are mainly around a cylinder, which means that the bearing is able to distribute the load over a large area, carrying heavy loads. Unlike ball bearings, roller bearings are not designed to handle thrust loads.
While there are dozens of ball bearings on the market, that doesn't mean the auto industry doesn't have its favorites. Mechanical bearings are used between two automotive parts to allow rotation or bushing movement. These bearings will improve vehicle performance, withstand heavy loads, and reduce friction.

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