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Introduction of the most commonly used drilling bits types in life

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What is a drilling bit?
A drill is a cutting tool used to cut or crush rock. All of the equipment on the rig directly or indirectly helps the drilling bit cut or shatter rock. The drilling bit is attached to the drilling bits in order to drill out holes and to provide it with power to cut the workpiece, usually by rotation. They come in different sizes and shapes and can produce different holes in different materials. Drilling productivity for concrete, metal and wool equipment can be improved by selecting the right bit.
The common types of drilling bits
Drilling bit In order to drill a satisfactory hole, it is necessary to use the right type of drilling bit, which should be used correctly and sharpened as required. They can be distinguished by different characteristics of their geometry: the screw in the bit controls the rate of chip removal. The high and low auger bits are used for low and high cutting speed applications, respectively. The sharp angle of the bit is determined by the type of material used. Softer materials require sharper angles and harder materials require larger point angles. The bit lip Angle determines the amount of support provided to the cutting edge. When the bit lip Angle is larger, the bit cutting force is larger at the same point pressure, while the bit with a smaller lip Angle is larger.
Flat drill
The cutting part of the flat drill is spade form, the structure is simple, the manufacturing cost is low, in cutting fluid leads into the hole easily, but the performance of cutting and discharge chip is poorer. A flat drill structure has two types of integral and assembled. The whole is mainly used for drilling 0.03 ~ 0.5 mm diameter micro hole. Prefabricated flat drill blade can be changed, can use internal cooling, mainly used for drilling 25 ~ 500mm diameter of large holes.
Twist drill
A twist drill is the most widely used hole machining tool. The usual diameter range is 0.25 to 80 mm. It is mainly composed of a bit working part and shank. The working part has two spiral grooves, shaped like a twist, hence the name. In order to reduce the friction between the guide part and the whole wall when drilling, twist drill from the drill tip to the handle direction gradually reduce the diameter of the inverted cone. The screw Angle of twist drill mainly affects the size of cutting edge Angle, edge strength and chip removal performance, which is usually 25° ~ 32°. Spiral grooves can be processed by milling, grinding, hot rolling or hot extrusion, and the front end of the drilling bit forms a cutting part after grinding. The cutting Angle of the standard twist drill is 118, the bevel angle of the cross edge is 40° ~ 60°, and the back Angle is 8° ~ 20°. Due to structural reasons, the rake Angle is large at the outer edge and gradually decreases to the middle, and the transverse edge is negative rake Angle (up to about -55°), which acts as an extrusion when drilling.
Economic drill
Shaving drill has more cutter teeth, in order to form the hole end processing into the required shape, used for processing various countersunk head screw holes, or flat hole outer end face.
Hollow drill
The drill pipe is a hollow bit in the middle, which is mainly used for coring drill material.
Center drill
The center drill is used for drilling the center hole of shaft-type workpieces. It is essentially composed of screw Angle small twist drill and countersink drill, so it is also called a compound center drill.
Deep hole drilling
Deep hole drilling usually refers to the processing of hole depth to aperture ratio greater than 6. Commonly used a gun drill, BTA deep hole drill, jet drill, DF deep hole drill and so on. Sleeve drills are also commonly used for deep hole machining.
Reaming drill
Reaming drill has 3 to 4 cutter teeth, its rigidity is better than twist drill, used to expand the existing hole and improve processing accuracy and finish.
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