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Japan Successfully Verifies The Theory Of Relativity On The Ground With A High-Precision Clock

wallpapers News 2020-05-07

It is reported that Japanese researchers successfully verified Einstein's theory of relativity near the ground with a miniaturized high-precision clock. The researchers placed two optical lattice clocks on the "Sky Tree" TV tower in Tokyo, one at 456.3 meters and the other at 3.6 meters. Four nanoseconds faster every day. One nanosecond is one billionth of second. According to the theory of relativity, the lower the altitude, the higher the gravity, and the slower the time. The optical lattice clock used in the experiment was developed by Professor Kazuo Kazuo of the University of Tokyo in 2015. The accuracy is extremely higher, with an error of 1 second every 16 billion years.

Slower verification times usually require extremely accurate clocks or satellites. Japanese researchers succeeded in miniaturizing the optical lattice clock so that this experiment can be done at a relatively low altitude while trying to reduce the interference of the optical lattice clock, such as temperature, vibration, and electromagnetic fields. Kyodo News reported on the 19th that Katori said at a press conference: "We want to show that we can use a mobile device to make such high-precision measurements anywhere outside the laboratory. This is the first time that ultra-high-precision clocks have entered real-life—one step. "Optical lattice clocks can accurately measure height differences and are used to monitor volcanic or seismic activity. In 2016. Katori et al. Measured the difference in height between the two places by 15.16 meters in two laboratories separated by 15 kilometers, which is almost consistent with the previous actual measurement results.

Precision bearings are an essential part of high-precision clocks. High-precision bearings are mainly divided into P0 ordinary accuracy, P6 accuracy, P5 accuracy, P4 accuracy, and P2 accuracy also exists in theory. Still, this kind of real goods is very few and also divided into categories. Angular contact ball bearings, double-row cylindrical roller bearings, and ball screw bearings that are generally used in machine tool spindles are highly accurate.

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