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Unique application of spherical metal powder

wallpapers News 2021-01-22
Spherical metal powder for 3D printing breaks through a series of core key technologies such as clean smelting and gas atomization, powder particle size control, powder morphology control, powder gas content control, and powder inclusion content control. Therefore, a complete set of powder milling equipment and process technology has been developed to develop high-quality spherical metal powders that meet the needs of my country's aerospace. The national independent guarantee has been realized, and the powder preparation and processing technology and product quality have reached the world's advanced level. 3D printing metal powder as a metal part is the most important part of the 3D printing industry chain and the greatest value.

Specific use of the product
The spherical metal powder products of Aviation Materials Research Institute are widely used in domestic and foreign 3D printing/additive manufacturing, powder coating hot isostatic pressing, pressing sintering, thermal spraying, and other process technologies. It is applied in batches in aerospace, marine, electronics, medical and other industries. Among them, high-temperature alloy powder has been used in batches for powdered high-temperature alloy turbine disks and compressor disks for aero engines. Titanium alloy powder has been used in batches for various types of aircraft parts, rocket and missile parts, titanium alloy forging, welding, and repairing. The developed titanium alloy powder, superalloy powder, and stainless steel powder have high purity, low gas content, and good surface morphology. Therefore, it exhibits excellent physical properties in the case of 3D printing/additive manufacturing. 
Method of preparation
High pressure is formed inside the carrier smelting rotator. Under the action of high pressure and high-speed rotation, the molten metal is sprayed into the plasma arc through the insulated feeding side port, is atomized, and further sprayed on the high temperature rotating electrode. The rotating electrode further atomizes and reduces the size of the molten metal and is cooled by the cooling chamber to form metal and alloy powders that can be used for 3D printing. The metal alloy powder prepared by the method has the characteristics of high sphericity, high yield, small size, and uniform composition. 

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