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What are the applications of graphite

wallpapers News 2021-07-19
Graphite has high-temperature stability and chemical inert is an ideal refractory material. Used in the production of firebrick and magnesia-carbon firebrick (MG-C). In addition, graphite is used in the production of the crucible, ladle, and mold to hold the molten metal. In addition, graphite is one of the most basic materials used in the production of functional refractories for continuous cast steel.
Here, graphite sheets are mixed with alumina and zirconia and pressed evenly to create components such as stopper rods, separate inlet nozzles and ladle jackets for regulating the flow of molten steel and preventing oxidation. The material can also be used to protect pyrometers.
In iron production, graphite blocks are used to produce part of the lining of blast furnaces. Their structural strength at high temperatures, thermal shock resistance, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion and good chemical resistance is of great importance in such applications.
Many of the electrodes used in electrometallurgy furnaces, such as electric arc furnaces used in steelmaking, are mass-produced from graphite.
The chemical industry
In chemistry, graphite is used in many high-temperature applications, such as the production of phosphorus and calcium carbide in electric arc furnaces. Graphite is used as an anode in certain hydrolysis processes, such as the production of halogens (chlorine and fluorine).
The nuclear industry
In nuclear reactors, large quantities of high purity electrical graphite are used in the production of moderator and reflector components. The applicability of electrographite comes from its low neutron absorption, high thermal conductivity and high strength at higher temperatures.
Electronic application
Graphite is mainly used as an electrical material in the manufacture of carbon brushes for electric motors. Here, the life and performance of components are largely determined by the hierarchy and structure.
Application of machinery
Graphite as an engineering material is widely used in a variety of applications such as piston rings, thrust bearings, journal bearings and blades. Carbon-based seals are used in the fuel pumps and shafts of some aircraft jet engines.

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