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Whitening, anti-aging nano gold solution

wallpapers News 2021-04-13
What is nano gold solution
The nano-gold solution is a raw material with high purity gold, and the gold has been made into a particle diameter below 15 nm. It greatly improves the inherent characteristics of gold, such as: catalytic effect, removal of free radical effect, dispersing effect, and the like.
Nano gold solution characteristics
1.Efficient catalysis
2. Remove free radical effect
3. Antibacterial effect
4. Strong antioxidant
5. Promote metabolism
6. Corrosion resistance
7. Fraser resistance
8. Anti-corrosion performance
9. There will be no allergies for any skin.

Application of colloidal gold nano gold solution
1. Coloring agent of food, glass, organism.
2. Identification technology for genetic genes.
3. Used for refining of environmental purification products.
4. Preservatives for food and cosmetics.
5. Add to cosmetics to whitening, anti-aging, and moisturizing.
6. Production of antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory drugs, medical devices, health care products, beauty care equipment.
7. Production of various living daily necessities, food, drinks, etc. related to people's lives. Such as nano-gold soap, toothbrush, various beauty masks.

Conditions of colloidal gold nano gold solution:
1. Colloidal gold should avoid direct sunlight.
2. The product is used for R & D purposes, and users must be a profession (this person must know how to use this product.)
3. The nanoparticle solution is a suspension of nanoparticles in water. These dispersion can be used as used as, or may be diluted with a suitable (compatible) solvent. The nanoparticles in the dispersion solution sometimes precipitate at the time of storage, in which case it can be mixed (shake) before use.

During the preparation of nano gold, sodium citrate needs to be added quickly
The sedimentation particle size is related to the ultrasiveness, the larger the supersaturation, the smaller the particles formed, so in order to form a smaller gold nanoparticle, it is necessary to quickly add citric acid, thereby rapid reduction reaction, rapidly in the short term The core, forming a large number of nanoparticles, otherwise it is a larger gold precipitate.
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