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Bhutan visa application process and guidelines


Bhutan tourism has special restrictions: more than 250 US dollars per day is required, independent travel is not allowed, and all tourist visas must be applied and arranged by a Bhutan travel agency. The following will introduce you to the Bhutan visa application process and guidelines.

Visa Application

The Bhutan government stipulates that tourist visas in Bhutan must be applied for through a travel agency authorized by the Bhutan government.

Even if the group is registered in your country, the final visa application is still completed by a Bhutanese travel agency in Thimphu. After contacting the Bhutan travel agency, confirming the itinerary, and paying in full, the Bhutan travel agency can start applying for a visa. Bhutan travel agencies can issue Bhutan visas, and tourists only need to provide a color scanned copy of the passport information page to the travel agency. The visa fee is USD 40 per person. When the travel agency gets the visa, it will send a scanned copy to the tourist, so be sure to print it out and carry it with you. A copy of the visa must be presented when checking in for a transfer in a transit country and when arriving at the customs at Paro Airport, and the customs will officially issue a visa on the tourist passport with the copy.


Cost The most unique thing about Bhutan tourism is the cost, starting from $250 per person per night in peak season (March-May, September-November), and low season (June, July, August, December, January, February) From USD 200 per person per night, but there will never be a consumption trap, and there will be no other charges, including hotel accommodation, three meals a day (excluding soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, etc.), fares for drivers, English-speaking tour guide, attraction tickets and Bhutan government taxes and fees. Almost everything except shopping is covered.


It should be reminded that some travel agencies will quote prices lower than the government regulations. Such prices often affect the service quality of travel agencies, and violate government regulations or even illegally forge visas, which may eventually fail. It is recommended not to just be cheap. Compare the price and choose a regular and credible travel agency.


Payment is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa. After finalizing the itinerary with the Bhutan travel agency, the tourists will remit the money to the travel agency according to the number of days.

Immediately notify the travel agency after the remittance, so that the remittance can be checked in time. After receiving the remittance, the travel agency can apply for a visa. The off-season (January-February, June-August) generally takes about one to two weeks, and the peak season is at least three to four weeks. The Bhutan Tourism Board receives the visa application, confirms that the tourist has paid in full, and issues the visa. The travel agency will issue the e-visa permit to the tourist, and present the printed e-visa permit to the customs officer upon arrival at Paro airport customs.

Bhutan travel agency

Directly contact the Bhutan travel agency to apply for a group tour. The itinerary can be arranged according to the length of your vacation. You can also have special main tours such as walking tours. Moreover, Bhutan travel agencies have never had the concept of group grouping. Even one person can form a group by himself, which is very convenient and flexible. However, there is a daily surcharge for groups of three or less. The surcharge is $40 per night for a group of one person ($290 in peak season and $240 in low season), and $30 per person per night for a group of two ($280 in high season and $230 in low season).

The above is the relevant content of the Bhutan visa application process and guidelines. Pick a time to go!

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Bhutan visa application process and guidelines

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