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Common Amazon FBA seller mistakes include


Common Amazon FBA seller mistakes include the following:


Wrongly Labeled Products

Inaccurate or poorly worded product listings on Amazon can adversely affect your business as an Amazon seller. Incorrect product descriptions can disrupt order fulfillment and damage your reputation with customers.


Part of your inventory management is the proper application of UPC or Amazon ID stickers to ensure FBA Amazon is delivering the right products to the right customers.


Improper packaging

While FBA shipping allows you to bypass the responsibility of packaging your product for delivery, you still need to make sure your inventory items are shipped to Amazon's warehouse in good condition. Ensuring your suppliers are using the correct packaging materials is critical to protecting your shipments on the way to Amazon fulfillment centers. Custom boxes and materials, such as air cushions and packaged peanuts, protect your shipments during transit to Amazon fulfillment centers.


When Amazon sends you or your supplier an FBA sticker to put on a box, make sure you put it in the correct location on the box, close to the carrier label on the flat side of the box, and not across any seals. Amazon workers use a box opener to open boxes by cutting through the tape at the center seam. If a worker cuts the label, it may result in an unqualified label or interfere with scanning.


Not following Amazon guidelines

Amazon has a restricted list of products you are allowed to sell. There are also requirements regarding inventory, including packaging and labeling. If you fail to comply with these requirements, Amazon may, in its sole discretion, cancel your listings, terminate your selling privileges, and terminate your FBA relationship. Always make sure that anything you ship and any suppliers you sell follow the company's guidelines and all applicable laws.


Not properly managing inventory

Warehouse space is a valuable resource. Inventory management involves understanding your market and the quantities you supply to Amazon to maximize your return rates and minimize costs. Amazon Warehouse charges FBA sellers storage fees, incentivizing you to sell products and ship products you know will sell in time. The longer your inventory remains unsold in Amazon's warehouses, the more fees you incur.


You should also consider taking advantage of Amazon Prime. To fulfill orders using Amazon Prime, you need to meet and maintain good enough seller performance metrics to demonstrate that you and your products are trustworthy. This includes, for example, having inventory with a low defect rate and meeting the company's inventory and product requirements.


Sending inventory to the wrong warehouse

An important part of well-organized inventory management is ensuring that the inventory items you sell are sent to the correct warehouse. Amazon has numerous fulfillment centers around the world. So whether you're in charge of shipping to Amazon's fulfillment centers or commissioning suppliers to ship inventory items, it's critical to track when and where your inventory is to ensure it reaches the correct fulfillment center.

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