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How do cylindrical roller bearings vibrate?

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This is why many of the time division noise problems can be considered to involve oscillations throughout the bearing use. When a radial load is loaded on a bearing, the number of load bearing rollers will change slightly during operation, that is, 2-3-2-3...... This causes a shift in the direction of the load. The resulting oscillations are unavoidable but can be mitigated by axial preloading, which is applied to all rolling bodies (not applicable to cylindrical roller bearings).

Under the condition of close cooperation between bearing ring and bearing housing or drive shaft, bearing ring may be deformed in cooperation with the appearance of adjacent parts. If it is deformed, oscillations may occur during operation. Therefore, it is important to machine the bearing housing and drive shaft to the required tolerances.

Partial damage a small portion of the raceway and rolling body may be damaged as a result of improper operation or installation. During operation, a certain frequency of oscillation occurs when a damaged bearing part is rolled over. Vibration frequency analysis can identify damaged bearing parts. In many applications, the stiffness of the bearing is the same as that of the surrounding structure. Because of this feature, as long as the correct choice of bearings (including preload and clearance) and the equipment in use, it is possible to reduce the vibration in use.

There are three ways to reduce the vibration of cylindrical roller bearings :
  1. Remove critical encouraging oscillations from use.
  2. The critical oscillation between the suppressor excitation component and the resonant component is encouraged.
  3. Change the stiffness of the structure, and then change the critical frequency.

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